Jack White Putting School.

The objective of putting is to get the ball into the hole.

Which factors are involved in this? One, the nature of the putt in question, and, two the physical act of executing the putt. To deal with the first factor, then the direction and distance must be understood, and with the second factor, the golfers ability to accomplish the task of putting effectively. These are integrated, they have a relationship. Techniques are required to gain a repeatable and predictable putting action. Many methods have been used by umpteen players. However there are common principles or fundamentals proven through the lineage of successful golfers. With a sound and repeatable action then experience is gained as to how a ball reacts and behaves upon the green. ‘Reading’ the green becomes more obvious. Green reading involves seeing the slopes and learning and predicting the pace of the greens in question. A putting stroke which sends the ball along the necessary starting line with the correct amount of force is what we are after. The face of the putter needs to be square, or effectively perpendicular, to that start line at the time when the ball is struck.

Key factors for the physical act of putting.

A grip or hold on the putter which determines the correct face angle and the direction of putter head movement and ability to apply a blow to a stationary ball without upsetting those angles and paths. Stance, posture and alignment which allows the golfer to consistently use the putting action without tension or excessive movement. Positioning of the eyes relative to the ball and line of putt.

Great players who have exhibited specific and defined methods and principles provide the basis for our belief in how best to putt. These methods have proven results for the players concerned. The past to the future. It would be remiss to ignore history and pretend that the game has only been recently invented. We recognise that the game evolves, but stress that all theories have their origins. On this note we relish the opportunity to illustrate our putting school with educational and historical facts and theories and methods which work. Successful players in this modern era demonstrate and incorporate these principles. Jack White. Walter Travis. Walter Hagen. Bobby Jones. Horton Smith. Bobby Locke. Jack Nicklaus. Tiger Woods. Jordan Speith.

We will guide you through the requisite techniques and styles. We will find key points which can be transferred into your personal way of putting. We are confident that you can gain improvement and a better understanding of your own performance and even find positive adjustments. All this alongside an enjoyable day’s putting and a knowledge of where it has all come from. You will also learn about the putting zones, which was presented to the World Scientific Congress at St Andrews. Based on comprehensive research, a system of understanding the percentage and length of putts made from a statistical viewpoint. This leads to a best practice protocol, which encourages a learning and skill acquisition within a necessary context. Putt, practise and perform. It is all about getting the ball in the hole with as few strokes as possible.

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